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Dec 26, 2012 5:00am EST
with meteorologist mike massco and see what's in store for a day that could be pretty wet. >> wintery to the north. guys, what's the etiquette on regifting, you gotta way wait a day? >> you don't do it, that's the etiquette. >> that just cleared it up for me. >> regifting is from the right hand to the left. >> let's have a chat later. 32 in town right now. nothing going on advisory wise for baltimore wise, but outside of town, carroll county, fredrick county, you're under a winter weather advisory. we're advising you that things are going to get pretty tricky, especially for travel up near hanover pike later today. temperatures, we are subfreezing right now. it's 35 in annapolis. so when we get any kind of moisture that comes in, it will start as some snow. we're just about two hours outside the -- the band of snow, rather, is two hours outside of town and that will lift towards the north during the course of this morning. so i do think your morning commute is okay, but it's toward the tail end of your morning commute where things could get pretty interesting, especially towards the s
Jan 1, 2013 5:00am EST
today. hope your day is off to a great start. mike masco made it in and came in from the inner harbor where the spent the entire night partying. let's look at sights and sounds from last night quickly. thousands of people gathered in the inner harbor for the wonderful fireworks show. baltimore's new year's eve spectacular was hosted by the orioles. it was the tam's way of thanking fans for all their support from the past season. as you can see a number of people braved the cold taking part in this huge celebration. mike it was cold but you had tohave a good time. >> i didn't think it was that bad. >> i mean relatively speaking. >> there's been years mr. crowson it's been 20 degrees. >> i am glad it didn't rain because you are afraid something like that is going to gum up the works. >> we came close by the way. i mean there's rain well to the southern maryland limits towards norfolkp but otherwise things look good. we are on the chilly side but it will get really cold over the next 24 to 48 hours. you notice we have got so lucky on this one. there's a storm running through roanoke that
Dec 28, 2012 5:00am EST
the weekend. mike masco is standing by to let us know how bad it could be getting. >> we will see a couple inches of snow across the area. today not a problem a few clouds in the afternoon. glen burnie at 35. around the freezing mark in reisterstown and manchester 28 degrees. and here we go winter weather advisories over the northern tier close to the p.a. line into tomorrow. we are expecting advising that this storm over the tennessee valley will run into cold air and produce a snow event. look at future trend look good during the course of the morning hours. we expect the snow to break out a little after 8 in the morning or 6 in the morning rather and that will take you into your morning hours and early afternoon hours as we go into tomorrow. we are going to show you a snowfall accumulation map coming up in a little bit. we will show you traffic right now lauren cook is the person to do that. hey lauren. >> reporter: hello, mike. if you are heading downtown, no problems whatsoever. 83, nice and clear. traveling southbound from 695 downtown to east fayette street. and here's what 9
Dec 27, 2012 5:00am EST
. >>> christmas eve snow, december 26th snow. could new year's eve snow be around the corner? mike will have a look at the developing story on this thursday, december 27th. "good morning maryland" i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. maybe you have the day off yesterday and got excited to see something falling from the sky. but it turned out to be not so pretty. >> it was nasty. mike it was nasty. out there. you were here until almost 5:00 last night. >> it was like it wouldn't end and it wouldn't turn over to rain. i mean just an interesting storm and we had a lot of sleet to the north. but the good news is today a drier day and a windy day though. temperatures this morning 41 in the stay and 37 at the airport and annapolis at 38. it's pretty cool most of the readings near the freezing mark. well to the north and to the west. notice the winds pretty busy now out of the northerly direction between 10 to 15. if that reason we have a high wind advisory through the course the day. so while it's a cloudy sky we're at 36 to 37 around the lunchtime here. we're nea
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am EST
for the party tonight is mike masco. what are you doing tonight? >> what am i not doing tonight? nothing. i'm going to be in bed by 8:00. watch the rocking new year and rock myself back to sleep and back here tomorrow morning. living the life. maryland's most powerful doppler, clear overhead. eldersburg 26. baltimore 33. the deal is, it's a cold morning across locations. the clouds this afternoon will be in place. it's mostly cloudy skies, temperatures struggling to get to 40. going in to 2013, cloudy, we are dry. could be a spot shower that develops by tuesday afternoon, new years day. we will talk about that coming up. it doesn't look like a big deal. it's a cold start. new years eve, the clouds are around, man, does it get cold. the arctic attack moves in later in the week. we will talk about that forecast in a little bit. let's talk traffic with loren cook. >> everything is nice and calm here in howard county. no delays on interstate 70, columbia pike over to 695. if you are heading out to 695, here is a live look now, at the west sides, liberty, no problems to report. an 11
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5